Types of Locks

Different types of locks to use

After moving to a new home, Collen was a bit troubled by the level of security for the house. Despite the realtor giving him the only key he had, he was worried that there would be other keys to the home out there. After all, a lock fitted with master pins can have up to 16 keys. Once he realized the dangers of having no key control to his new place, he decided to replace the locks on the front and back door. At this point, he did not know what to do first. He decided to contact us and hire some of the best residential locksmiths we have to complete the task for him. We showed him the collection of locks we have fit for such areas, and he finally settled on one. In less than a day, he had new locks and a new key to his home.

How do I buy new locks?

When purchasing locks for your premise, the many types of locks in the market are quite overwhelming. It is challenging to decide on which lock will best suit your place and your needs. Different locks will suit different situations since they have various security features. When stranded on which lock to purchase, engaging a specialist is always wise. Having Buffalo Mobile Locksmith as your locksmith partner is a decision that you will never regret. We offer all kinds of lock services, including helping you choose the right lock for your home. Below are different types of locks you can choose from;

Hi-security lock
door lock home security
  • T-handle door locks
  • Furniture and cabinetry locks
  • Jimmy-proof deadbolt locks
  • Rim-latch locks
  • Knob cylinder locks

Furniture locks

Furniture locks cover various locks, including the sliding door locks, cabinet, and desk locks. These locks come in two different styles, the push-button style, and bolt style. For the bolt style lock, it has a flat piece of metal that extends from its side to lock the door. This style is often prevalent in desks, drawers, and cabinets. Push-button furniture lock has a rod that extends to the back of the lock to secure the device. When you unlock the lock, the lock pops out, removing the rod on the lock body, and when locking, the lock is pushed back to its shell.

T-handle locks

Also, called the vending locks, they are often common in vending machines, although they can be useful for other applications. It is easy to replace this lock as when opening it; you are taking out the T-handle. Thus, when replacing it, all you need is to insert a new T-handle lock when locking it. The vending lock comes in two types, the soring latch that will allow the lock to close without a key and the dead-latch, which requires a key to lock it.

Jimmy proof deadbolt lock

These sophisticated locks are often found in apartments and double doors. The need for less door modification when installing them is probably the reason as to why they are prominent. They also provide tight security in that the deadbolt interlocks with the jamb bracket, which prevents it from pulled apart easily. To install it, you only need to drill a hole through the door to the rim cylinder. To upgrade the security, you only need to replace the rim cylinder.

Rim latch lock

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A rim latch lock has a rim cylinder on one side of the door and a latch lock on the other. These locks can automatically lock the door behind you and are used in some apartments. They are often ideal for internal doors but can be complemented with other locks when used on exterior doors.

Key in knob cylinders

These are generally found in the central point of many knobs, levers, and deadbolts. They are prevalent in sliding glass doors. The key in a knob cylinder is located inside the lock, and only the circular part of the lock is visible, and the cylinder is only visible when you open up the lock, held in place by screws. Key in knob cylinders look similar, but it is quite challenging to replace one brand with another brand. To curb this challenge, some manufacturers will duplicate other brands to make it possible to replace one brand with another. These locks come in different sizes and tail styles. There is the floating tail style where the tailpiece can rotate to a certain degree without making the cylinder rotate. Also, there is the fixed tail style, which when the tailpiece rotates, the cylinder also rotates.