Transponder Key Services

Transponder key services

I remember the first time I got a car without the traditional key. I could not get enough of me switching the vehicle from 20 feet away. I could always send my kid to the car without worrying if they forgot the key or not. That is because I could unlock the car even if they did. It was all fun until one day I tried opening the car and got no response. At first, I thought I was aiming the remote transponder key wrongly or pressing the wrong button. That was until I called my automotive locksmith and he told me that maybe my transponder key could be the problem. I decided to call in for a transponder key service, and in less than 15 minutes, they showed up at my door, ready to help.

What is a transponder key?

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A transponder is a chip that is placed in car keys to provide additional security to the car. This transponder will not allow the vehicle to start if the correct signal fails to transmit to the car’s receiver. This extra layer of security provides you with peace of mind since it ensures that only the proper key bearer can start the vehicle. At Buffalo Mobile Locksmith, we are very skilled and experienced when it comes to handling transponder keys. We also educate our clients on the benefits of having a transponder key for your car. Have are some frequently asked questions regarding transponder keys.

How does it work?

 A transponder key, much like other keys, is just a standard key but with an additional part. This extra part of the key is what we refer to as the transponder. This transponder sends a signal to the car. This signal is distinctively unique to every vehicle. If the message matches the one coded in the car, then the car will ignite, but if it does not match, then the car will not start. The communication between the transponder and the transceiver happens instantaneously, that is, you will not notice it communicating. You can consider this as a secondary lock

How do I identify a transponder?

Mostly you will notice that keys with transponder have plastic at the other end. There are a number of ways to identify whether or not your key has a transponder or not. You can make a copy of the key from a key cutter and try turning on the car to see if it will turn on. During this process, it is advisable to keep the other key far away to obtain the best result. The other way and the most advisable one is to have a locksmith verify that for you. At Buffalo Mobile Locksmith we can do that for you in no time

Replacing a lost key with a transponder

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Cars that use transponder keys become very sensitive when it comes to purchasing their keys. This is because of the transponder chip inside the key. You program this key to work in your car. However, it makes it difficult to make a copy of your keys because they will open the doors and trunk but cannot start the vehicle without a programmed chip. Besides, buying a key by yourself and having it cut to match your other keys will also not work since the key has probably been programmed to work with another car. Once you program the chip, no one can alter the program. At Buffalo Mobile Locksmith we can program the key for you

Transponder key programming

Programming a key might seem like a job that takes a while, but contrary to that, this is a process that will take very little time. It will only bring more time if you request for a duplication of the key. However, duplication and programming of transponder keys are two separate services but do not take up a lot of time. Whenever you need a programming service, you will need to be close to your car. Therefore, you have the guarantee that the program written on the chip matches the one on your vehicle.

On the other hand, if you want a duplicate transponder key for your car, you do not need the car. However, if you lost your key and need a new one, you must have your car to avoid making the wrong key. the transponder key experts will test the quality of the key, and whether or not it matches with the locks on your car. Call Buffalo Mobile Locksmith today for the best transponder key services in Buffalo.