Spare Key & Remote

Professional Spare key and remote repair service.

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to use a spare key and cannot find them? It is at this moment you realize just how important it is to have a spare key. When it comes to the standard door locks, they are easy to work. However, when it concerns your car, and you need to find an alternative, you will need to involve the services of a professional. And that is where Buffalo Mobile Locksmith comes into the picture. When called in by one of our clients last week to help with a lockout situation. He was coming from the office, when he went to fetch keys, only to find an empty pocket. At that moment, he was almost devastated because, after a tiring day in the office, you need a good rest. After failing to find them, he settled for the professional solution.

Key Duplication Near Me
Laser key cutting technology. Our team expertly cuts a key for our customer.

He called us in to make a spare remote key for his key when helping him out with the lockout situation. That is what we do. When it comes to problems relating to spare keys and remotes, we have got you covered.

Programming new car keys

Whenever you need to get a spare key for your car, be it a chip key, or a transponder key, the services of professional, are imminent. We have the latest technology to help you out. With our experts trained in the field of programming and coding, we can easily code a new key for you and get you back on track. Whether you need the key early in the morning or late in the evening, we are here whenever you need us. We have the programming kits in our mobile units. Therefore, whenever you call us to your location, we will be there and ready to complete the job in the shortest time possible.

When do you get a spare key?

Do you have a new driver in the house, say a teenager who recently got his license? Did you lose your keys and need a new set? Well, if you are going to have a new set of keys, you might as well as get a spare key and remote for your car. Also, if you have a habit of locking your keys in the car, whether on the ignition switch or in the trunk, we have got you covered. Besides needing a new key for your vehicle to replace the old one, you should go for a spare one in the event of an emergency. We offer the first key at full price and deliver a spare key at a discounted price. Therefore, when you get many keys at once, you stand to save a lot of cash compared to getting one at a time.

Car remote replacement

Locksmith in Los Angeles
Our locksmith at work. We duplicate and offer the best key and remote services. Call us today

There are many factors to consider when you decide to get yourself a new car key. Where exactly do you get a new one, or a battery replacement if you need it urgently? If you live in the state, then Buffalo Mobile Locksmith will be of great advantage. Not only do we have vans fully equipped with all types of car remotes and blank chips, but we also have the best experts in the field. When you contact us, you have the guarantee to receive the best keys in the market. Whether you need the laser cut keys for your car or the old mechanical keys, we have got it all. The blank chips we have are easy to program for any vehicle. Therefore, regardless of whether you drive a Bentley or a FIAT, do not worry about the keys.

Why contact Buffalo Mobile Locksmith for spare keys and remote

When it comes to spare keys and remotes, you need to be keen on the making. That means that the people you choose for the job should be well trained and experienced. They need to have the skills to correctly program your chip to match the program on your car, and also cut the key to match the lock. With Buffalo Mobile Locksmith, you get the best prices, the best hands working for you, and the best times to call. This is because we are not only mobile but also operate on a 24-hour basis. Call us today and get yourself a spare key and remote for your car.