Re-key or Lock Change

Deciding Between Lock Re-key and Lock Change.

Are you stuck between whether to rekey or change locks? It is true it is always a daunting decision more so after moving into a new house. Reading through some of the security measures, you will find out the very first thing you need to do after moving into a new home is changing the locks. The measure is accurate since you do not know who might be having the key to your doors. However, this leads to a couple of questions. Is there anyone who would like to spend time and money while trying to get a new set of locks? Can rekeying the old locks serve the same purpose? Read through this article to have an understanding of the two options.

Residential Hi-security lock
A sturdy hi-security lock on a residential door. A homeowner using a high-security key to open the top-grade lock.

Changing a Lock

Changing a lock entails removing your entire old locks and replacing it with new hardware. This means, through the option, you will get all new locks and all new and original keys which are expensive and not in any way necessary. In this case, the option of changing your locks should only come if you want or need new locks and keys altogether. The only option that should force you to go for changing the locks is if your locks are wearing out or old. Another option will be if you want a more modern or more secure or updated lock. On any other option, rekeying is the way to go since it is less expensive and will provide the same security to when you change the locks.

Rekeying Locks

Commercial deadbolt lock
How to re-key a deadbolt lock perfectly? Changing the tumbler and aligning the pins afresh

To this option, it means you will be altering the lock mechanism to avoid the old key from opening the lock again. The main advantage of having your locks rekeyed is, therefore, only a new key can be used to open it. Another advantage of rekeying is you can have your locks designed to work from the same key. Rekeying is not only advantageous when moving to a new house. In case you lose a copy of your old keys, you should not get afraid as rekeying can be very helpful. When it comes to expenses, rekeying is always considered a prudent move since it is affordable and a guarantee that no one else has a copy of the keys to your home.

Can I rekey locks on my own?

Commercial Deadbolt Lock
Commercial deadbolt lock. Top grade hi-security locks for your business.

To this question, all you need to know is the brand and the style of the keyhole to your lock. Buying the kit is as easy as visiting your local home hardware store at a very affordable price. However, despite buying the kit, rekeying the lock requires some special tools that are usually very expensive to purchase. This means that if you want to successfully undertake the rekeying process, it is wise to hire professional services from a locksmith. With a professional, you will be sure to know the best rekeying kit for your locks. More to this, you can as well be sure of having quality work rather than doing it by yourself and end up ruining the entire system.

Lock re-key services
Are you worried about who has your keys? why not consider lock re-key service other than buying a new lock?

Other than rekeying being an important and best way it has some cons. For instance, it is usually limited to security upgrades. By this, it does not mean the option cannot help but the fact is you cannot be able to change any of the security features other than those of your original lock.

Which is better?

Lock Change vs Lock Re-key
How to perform a perfect lock re-key service? Call a residential locksmith near me in Boston

Both rekeying and changing the lock comes with its own advantages, this means that all are considered best depending on your situation. For instance, there is no need to incur extra costs on instances relating to losing your keys without the intention of who might have an access to them, moving into a new home and you do not know who else might be having a copy of keys to the lock, divorce or separation or even if you gave a spare key to a third party. In this case, changing your locks should only be an option if you want to upgrade the entire system of the locks in your house.

Through the information presented above, it is with no doubt changing or rekeying your locks is an important thing every homeowner needs to do to maintain the safety and security of their home. In this case, never assume you are the only one who has keys to your home, always be sure of it.