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When I got locked out of my motorcycle, I was quite frustrated because I needed to be somewhere in the next hour and it was getting late. I could not remember where I had placed my key, and I needed to get going. Since looking for them was proving to be futile, I decided to call in a motorcycle locksmith for help. When you need service, and you need it fast, convenience is key to lighten up your mood. That is what the experts from Buffalo Mobile Locksmith did. After only 10 minutes of placing a call with them, they were already at my location. With a fully equipped van, fair prices, highly experienced motorcycle locksmiths, I was happy with the quality of services they offered. As they were replicating my key, I got to talk to one of their experts about their motorcycle services.

From what I gathered, Buffalo Mobile Locksmith offers motorcycle locksmith services such as:

Motorcycle Locksmith in Buffalo
Driver riding motorcycle on an asphalt road
  • Motorcycle key duplication
  • Motorcycle key replacement
  • Ignition repair and replacement
  • Car key extraction

Motorcycle Key duplication

If you are into looking into the future, then you understand the importance of having a spare key for your bike. You could lose one, lock another in the house, or forget where you placed the key. Therefore, you must have a spare key for your sticky situations. With a record of helping thousands of riders get their duplicate keys, Buffalo Mobile Locksmith is at the forefront of offering the best. Not only do we give you the best services in the industry, but also make them fast and affordable. There is no more need to avoid key duplication. Call us today and get quality key duplication services.

Key replacement

Almost every day, we have a client walk into our offices with a request to replace their key. Sometimes, others are stuck in places they cannot leave their bikes, hence call for a mobile unit. Either way, we do not disappoint. Since this is one of the most frequently requested services, we have a whole division dedicated to offering you the best solution. We can replace any key, for any bike, whether lost or damaged. If you lost your key, do not worry. We have the best motorcycle locksmiths in town. They will pick your ignition lock to find the specifications of the key and make one for you. Also, if you need a new key for your lock, we have got you covered. The experts will only change some internal wafers and offer you a new key.

Ignition repair and replacement

With continued use of your ignition, there comes a time when you are struggling to start your bike. This is because the pins and wafers in your ignition are probably too worn out to function correctly. When that is the case, then you will need an ignition repair or replacement. If the damage is too extensive, then you will need to have the ignition replaced with aa new one. However, if only the pins are worn out, you can buy new ones and have an expert repair them for you. After an ignition service from our motorcycle locksmiths, you will no longer have trouble bringing your bike to life.

Motorcycle locksmith in Buffalo, NY
Smart Remote , Smart Key for motorcycle

Key extraction

When you use an old key, there always is the risk of it breaking in the lock as you turn your bike on or off. You probably never thought about it, until it happened to you. So, now that you have a broken key in your ignition, what do you do? Well, let’s start with what you should not do. If you find yourself in this situation, do not try and turn the key if you do not have the tools to remove the key. You might end up damaging the lock, hence incurring more cost. Instead, call in a professional motorcycle locksmith from Buffalo Mobile Locksmith. Whether it is in the gas tank, the ignition or the cargo hold, we will remove the key for you while preserving your lock.

However, if you already had a damaged lock, we will extract the key, make you a new copy, while replacing the locks for you.

The motorcycle locksmith services offered by Buffalo Mobile Locksmith are impeccable and comparable to none. That is why we have over 10,000 riders approving our services and recommending them to fellow motorists. Whether you come to us or need us to find you in your location, do not worry. We will be there equipped to handle any situation.