Lock Replacement and Re-key

What is the difference between re-keying and replacing the locks?

When you decide on upgrading the security of your home, the services of a locksmith become a vital part of the process.

That means that if you want to change the locks in your home or re-key the locks in your new office space, then you must consult with a professional locksmith. At Buffalo Mobile Locksmith, not only do we offer the best services, but also the best quality products. When a client walled in last month, he went home and found the door cracked open, there were no signs of forced entry, suggesting that the people who accessed his home had a key to his locks. He had been living in that apartment for more than five years, and could not remember giving anyone a key to his home. Since he was tight on budget, we suggested re-keying the house, an idea he went along with.

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the door lock with the handle and a key

To have a better understanding, consider:

  • Lock Re-key

Like many people out there, some do not understand the difference between re-keying a lock and replacing it. However, the difference is significant, not only in terms of the activates involved, but also in terms of money. The key to a lock is unique to a set of pins and springs. Therefore, when you want to have a new key for your lock, you can replace the pins and springs, without touching any other part of the lock. This is the process of re-keying, one that allows you to keep the locks, but change the configuration of the lock. As a result, the old key becomes obsolete, giving you more key control.

  • Lock Replacement

Lock replacement, on the other hand, involves total removal of the lock and fitting with a new one. It could be to upgrade to a better grade security lock, or to replace the old, worn out and damaged locks in your home or office. With a lock change, you have to remove everything off the old lock and fit a new one in its place. You could move to form a knob type of lock to an electronic one. Also, when you go for a replacement service, you can be sure to pay more than someone going for a rekeying service.

Reasons to re-key or replace your locks

There are countless reasons why anyone would want to replace their locks or re-key the locks.

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Lock Replacement

The most common cause is to have key control. You do not want to come home one day to find a stranger sitting on the sofa watching TV. Also, people go for a re-keying service when they move to a new home and need to be sure of how secure they are. For a replacement, when you consult with a professional locksmith, they will advise you to replace your locks as a last resort action. Only when the locks are too old or damaged beyond repair can you replace them. However, that is not to restrict you to using old locks. If you want to upgrade your home to match the trends, you can replace your locks. Also, if you’re going to accommodate disability, then you can change the locks you are using.

Why hire Buffalo Mobile Locksmith?

When it comes to the security of your home, then, hiring the right person for the job becomes a paramount aspect. You do not want a locksmith who will use generic phrases to answer your call, rather than stating the name of the company they work for. You want a locksmith who is not only licensed to work on locks but also experienced and has an excellent public review. Even you must know the rates; any extra charged such as emergency services or mileage before you have them come to your location. To avoid these fraudulent locksmiths in the market, go for one who has a better image in the public eye. That is why Buffalo Mobile Locksmith is the perfect fit for the job.  With constant prices, quality services, warranty and license to operate as locksmiths, you can call us any time for no extra charges.