Ignition Installation in Buffalo

Ignition Installation in Buffalo

You probably will never fully understand the importance of your ignition switch until your car fails to start. I was going to work, early in the morning, as usual, but everything was not typical about that day. I went to turn my car on, and to my surprise, it failed to come to life. At first, I thought that the key was the wrong one, but on inspecting it, it was the one. I tried again, and after about 20 tries, I gave up. I decided to call in some professional help to get me out of the sticky situation.  On cross-examining my car, they came to me with the issue. All along, my ignition switch had a problem. They said that it was worn out, had some loose parts and some pins had even fallen off. They said they could repair it, but considering the completely worn out parts, it would be better to install a new one. That is how I got to learn about ignition installation in Buffalo.

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What is the primary function of an ignition switch?

You know the regular switch that you press and the lights come on or off, well, that is what an ignition switch does for your car. It is essentially the switch you use to turn your car on and off. Although it’s a little complicated in the make and operation, it switches the vehicle. The switch uses a key, which then turns the car on or off. Also, in some vehicles, the ignition switch is the primary switch. It will send electrical signals to various car modules instructing them to turn on, for instance, your headlights, and sometimes, radio.

How do you install a new ignition switch?

Before you dive into the ignition installation in Buffalo, you must note a few things. First, if you do not have experience or proper knowledge to handle a vehicle’s electrical connection, do not attempt this. Secondly, if you fear that you may end up damaging more parts that doing anything useful, you can always call in a professional. Lastly, if you need to hire the best ignition installation in Buffalo, Buffalo Mobile Locksmith are the people you need. They will come in with a memory saver, screwdrivers, ratchets, new ignition switch, and any other necessary tools.

Steps to follow when installing an ignition switch

The first and most crucial step is to park your car and turn the ignition off. Then:

Install the memory saver

This is a device on which you can store all your car’s memory. With it, you can preserve the information on your vehicle to avoid future issues when you start driving.

Loosen the negative bolt on the battery

When you are yet to start opening any parts on your car, ensure that the bolt clamping the negative terminal on the battery is loose. Then, you should remove it from the car or hide it securely, and further away from the positive to avoid accidental contact. This is because it may cause electrical shock or even drain the battery.

Now it’s time to remove the screws.

Using a favorable screwdriver, whether a flat, Philips, star-headed or Allen-capped, use a screwdriver to remove the securing screws below the steering wheel. On the other hand, if your car has a dash ignition switch, you will have to remove the panel covering the dashboard to access the switch.

Remove the steering wheel

Usually, you will start by removing the lower cover, then follow up by removing the upper lid. Note that the two parts clamp together. Pull them apart carefully to avoid breaking any part. Then, now it is time to locate the switch under the steering column. However, be careful when working on the switch to avoid accidentally deploying the airbags. You can identify them through the yellow covering they have.

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Remove the old ignition switch

If necessary, remove the key lock cylinder, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once the lock is out of the way, disconnect the electrical connector before you start working on the switch. Once that is done, you can remove the old ignition switch. Some are bolted in place, while others have locking tabs to hold them in. Whatever holds in place, remove it and replace the old switch with a new one.

The process of installing a new switch is the reverse of removing the old one. Once done, you can connect the memory saver to transfer information to the new switch. However, if you find any difficulty in the ignition installation in Buffalo, do not hesitate to call in an expert from Buffalo Mobile Locksmith for guidance.