How To Re-key Your Locks

When it comes to saving cash, all the while getting a security upgrade for your home, office, or car, then you should reconsider your options. By replacing your locks, you stand to spend a lot more, and more often than not, make some modifications to your door. However, when you choose to rekey your locks, then all you need is a set of new pins and a new key. You save money, cash, and time. Today, we will be walking you through the process of rekeying your car locks.

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Let us consider keying your car

Why would you need to rekey your car locks? When you lose your car key and are not comfortable with getting a replacement, then you can rekey your locks and get a new different key. Also, if you have an old lock and key system in your car, then you can replace the pin and tumbler with a new one, and in the process, get a new key to work with. Also, if you have a stolen car key, the best way to ensure it is never used on your car is to rekey your locks. So, the process of car lock rekeying is quite simple. You need to remove your lock and tumbler, mark a new key blank, cut the new key, and finish off by testing your new key. Below is a detailed procedure of how to rekey your car:

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Using your key, remove the lock

The first step towards rekeying is removing the lock from your door. Usually, there is a pair of screws on the side of the door that holds your clasp in place. You need to remove them first. Then, depending on the type of lock you are dealing with, the equipment required varies. Are you rekeying your trunk, the ignition lock, or your door lock? Then, insert your key into the lock and remove it from its position.

Lock Change vs Lock Re-key
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Next, take out the tumblers

One the lock is out of the door or trunk, and then you proceed to remove the tumbler from the lock. The easiest way to do this is by removing the innerspring and end cam from the lock. Then, you push the pins away from the walls of the cylinder. Once the pins are not in contract with the cylinder wall, then you can push the tumbler from the cylinder. To turn the pins, you would need a key and twist sideways. Besides, you can use any key to get this done, thus taking care of the client who lost their car key.

Then, remove the old pins and fit in the new pins

The next step after getting the tumbler out of the lock cylinder is to take out the old pins. Take them out carefully to avoid breaking them in your tumbler. Then you will need the new set for reinstallation. These pins come in different sizes. Therefore, you need to be careful when inserting them into the slots. If they do not have labels, then take pictures of old pin arrangement and do the same when fitting the new pins. If you are rekeying multiple cars to operate with one key, then be keen to arrange the pins in the same order on all the locks.

Commercial deadbolt lock
How to re-key a deadbolt lock perfectly? Changing the tumbler and aligning the pins afresh

Re-insert the tumbler

Once the pin arrangement is successful, you need to fix the tumbler into the lock. Then, with your new key, you can test the operation of the lock. The switching from the open to the closed position should be smooth and flawless. If you are facing problems, you can remove the tumbler and try to inspect the positioning of the pins. Make sure they are leveled to prevent such issues.

Fix the lock on the car door

The final step to a car rekeying service involves the reinstallation of the lock on the door or the trunk. This is a simple process. Since you had opened the lock, all you need to do is use your key, push the latch into place, and tighten the screws that hold the lock into place. If there are any loose covers on the door, fix them properly before going on the rest of your day.

Car rekeying services are a bit complicated but not impossible. Therefore, if you feel that your vehicle is not safe, or you need a new key for your car or need to operate a fleet of cars using one key, then rekeying is the solution to your problem.