Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

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Well, in Buffalo, NY. A locksmith can work without any license. This is why you should be very careful when you’re choosing your locksmith technician. A good suggestion is to look up after a locksmith services that has a storefront. This way you can make sure, that if there is a problem, you’ve a place to go to and complain. Beware of the only Online Locksmith services that offers a cheap quote but won’t stand behind their product. The cheap price is a bait, you may find out that it costs way much more.

Sure. This is a must. Because we have a lot of experience, we know that once in a blue moon accident can happen. This is why we have a $1000000 insurance coverage for all of our services. You don’t want to hire a locksmith with no insurance. You might end up with a large amount of money to fix your car door.

Generally, yes. Most of the residential locks that are installed on regular doors can be easily picked. With High Security locks there are a few different types. Some can be picked, but other has a pick resistant technology, which avoids the pick option. If you are not sure which kind of lock you have, take a picture of the lock and send us by text or a Whatsapp message.

Let’s say that you own a house, and your tenant moved out yesterday. If the old locks are working, you don’t need to replace the old locks and install new ones instead. All you need is a re-key service. Re-key means that a locksmith technician is replacing the pins inside the lock to fit a new key combination.

If you want to have all of your locks to work with one key, rekeying your locks is the solution. With us you’ll get a smooth re-key service all over greater Buffalo area.

Landlords and business owners that are managing many doors, should get a master key system. In general, it allows you to use one master key to open multiple doors. On the other hand, each door has a different key combination that prevent theft. We can you create a multi level master key system.

Tip! If your lower doorknob is locked, you can try on and swipe a credit card from the outside. Most of house lock-outs can be solved by this tip. If you are unable to open the door easily, don’t make a damage to your door, just call us and a reliable technician will come ASAP.

It really depends. Flat metal key can cost $8 for each copy, while new BMW car key replacement can cost $. Make, year and model are necessary information when calling a locksmith for key replacement service.

Some manufacturers used different types of locks at the same year and model.

What is really important with car key replacement service is the fact that the locksmith service you’ve found online, has a brick & mortar store. Buying an expensive car key without the option to get it fix in case of an issue, is a huge mistake.

In case you don’t feel secured in your house or business, it’s time to order a lock change service. Changing a regular lock to high security lock is a job for professionals. We do hold bio-metric solutions on stock. If you need an extra protection, call us and we will come to help you out.

If you parked in a forbidden area in Buffalo ,NY. And you’re out of the restaurant and you don’t know where is your car, if it’s stolen or impounded. You better first check out at Buffalo NY Police impound lot at 166 Dart St., Buffalo, NY. 14213. You may call them at 716.851.5369 between 8am to 3pm (Monday-Friday).