Deadbolt Locks

Why you need to choose a deadbolt for your home lock?

Have you been wondering what a deadbolt lock is? Just as their name sounds, they earn the name by being dead or immovable unless they are operated with a key. The bolt is usually made of a metal bar that runs into the adjacent door frame that works to secure the door in place. To open the lock, you will need to rotate the key in the lock’s cylinder which helps to physically move the bolt.

Commercial Deadbolt Lock
Commercial deadbolt lock. Top grade hi-security locks for your business.

How safe are they?

Deadbolts locks are some of the most effective as they are easy to use and hard to crack. This is the primary factor that makes them more ideal for external doors. Other than their safety, there is a couple of reasons why you should settle for a deadbolt lock. Below through this article is detailed information about the locks and why you should choose them for your home. At times people confuse the deadbolt with the spring bolt locks but there is a huge difference between the two.

Deadbolt locks are hard to pry open.

Commercial deadbolt Lock
How to re-key a deadbolt lock. Fixing new tumblers and pins for the lock to work with new keys.

The locks are also sturdier and heavier as they are made of steel a factor that makes a forced entry through them more difficult. To another reason, the deadbolts do not have doorknobs on the exterior meaning they cannot be angled. To summarize on how safe, the locks are, it is with no doubt they are more secure from forced entry and therefore, a reason you should get them as your home lock.

To another option, the deadbolt locks are usually fitted with anti-drill features. This is considered a great advantage since it will help prevent burglars from drilling out the lock. If by any chance someone attempts to drill out the lock, the embedded case hardened steel chips in the lock a factor that ends up destroying the drill bit on the average drill.

Workability of the locks

Lock Change vs Lock Re-key
How to perform a perfect lock re-key service? Call a residential locksmith near me in Boston

As mentioned earlier, deadbolts are made of steel which is one of the best materials for locks not only because they are strong but also durable. They are usually placed into a small hole in your doors jamb and a metal striking plate is added to help hold the deadbolt in place. To open the locks, only one key is required while from the inside you will only need a twist lock that can be used to lock or unlock it. Another advantage of the workability of the locks is you can be in a position to reinforce it by adding a second deadbolt to your door. This way you can always have an added assurance of increased security at your home.

Other advantages

Hi-security lock
The best locks to use in your home or business. A strong, burglar-proof deadbolt lock with hi-security keys.

Assured security is one of the reasons for using locks into your home. With a deadbolt lock, you can always get this assurance as they make your home harder to break. With one, tactics such as using a hammer or a crowbar to try and break into the door will always be ineffective. More to this, deadbolts are also more resilient to lockpicking. To this advantage, if anyone tries to break through the door, it will make a lot of noise while trying to get in. This is always considered an added advantage of having the lock since you will always alert you or your neighbours of a possible break-in that is in progress.

Install a new lock
Commercial and residential new lock installation in Boston, MA. Call a locksmith in Boston.

The bolts used to make the lock are saw resistant. Going by this advantage, the bolts will by all chance deter and slow burglar’s intention of sawing through your lock. Other than the quality of the bolts, the lock is also fitted with security plates with longer screws that penetrate deep into the wall rather than just on the door jamb. This makes it even harder to kick in the door.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned in the article, an easy installation process is one of the greatest advantages of having a deadbolt lock for your house. However, for the best results, it is advisable to rely on an expert locksmith for the success of both the selection and installation process. It is important to note, not that you cannot personally install the lock. The problem is you may run into a possibility of doing it incorrectly. Security being the primary thing here, never leave anything to chance