Chip Key Services

Professional Chip Key Cutting services in Buffalo, NY.

Transponder keys go a long way to boost the security of your car. this is because you can only access the vehicle when you have the same code as the one on the chip. Only then can you use the chip key to operate your car. the electronic chip on the transponder key authenticates the original and duplicate car keys, making it hard for a third party to access your vehicle.

Chip key cutting services
Cobbler cutting key and key

I dropped my car keys on the sidewalk as I was walking into the office the other day. I did not see them until I heard a shuttering noise below my feet. I immediately knew that the keys were severely damaged and no amount of repair could help me restore their functionality. I decided to call in for a chip key service from Buffalo Mobile Locksmith. I knew they would not disappoint since I heard a lot of praises about them from my colleagues. Also, I preferred them because they would come to my location, rather than forcing me to hire a tow truck to haul me to their offices. With that, I went into the office to wait for them. Even before I could settle on my desk, they were already at the parking lot waiting for me. I gave them the key, despite it being a chip key, and they took less than 20 minutes to provide me with a new key.

Other chip key services offered by Buffalo Mobile Locksmith include:

  • Chip key programming 
  • Key duplication and repair
  • car key fob replacement
  • Transponder programming
  • Chip key replacement etc.

Chip key programming in Buffalo, NY

The chip key works remotely with the car. So, if you press the button on the key, the ignition releases remotely, allowing your vehicle to start. However, this is if, and only if the code in the car matches the code on your chip key. If not, you might have troubles unlocking your doors, opening your trunk or even locking your car once you move away from it. If the vehicle sends a signal to the key, and it returns the wrong programmed response, then the car will not start. Do not panic. This problem can easily be solved by programming the chip key with the specific program in your car. Therefore, you will no longer have problems when operating your car since the transponder and receiver are in sync.

Cracked chip key repairs

Key Duplication Near Me
Our team expertly cuts a key for our customer.

Usually, the chip is in a larger, stronger, and more durable plastic casing. However, it is not always that the key will be in great shape. You might drop it, and it breaks, sit on it while cracked and break it completely, or step on it. Either way, you will need to replace the outer plastic casing. That is what Buffalo Mobile Locksmith is here to do. Not only do we have a different arrangement of the various casings on our mobile units, but can also make the case to fit your needs. When you call us with the request of a cracked chip key repair, we will arrive ready to change the casing in the least time possible.

Also, if the chip itself cracks, provided you have the original copy, we can make one or repair the one you have. These repairs are usually cheaper than a complete replacement as you preserve some of the expensive components.

Replacement of a chip key

The first question asked whenever you need to replace your car key is whether you have an old key, from which we can duplicate a new one. If you do, then well and good. However, if you do not have, there is no need to panic as we have got you covered. Based on the serial number, make, model, and types of locks you use, we use modern technology to scan the lock and print a 3D image of the pin arrangement. Therefore, we can make a new key based on this arrangement. Compared to the car dealers who offer the same services, Buffalo Mobile Locksmith is at the forefront because, with us, you do not need a prior appointment. Also, we charge less for the services. Hence saving you a lot of time and cash.

 When it comes to offering the best locksmith services, then Buffalo Mobile Locksmith comes second to none. With our tools, state of the art mobile units, experienced experts and quality products, you can rely on us to deliver. Whether you come into our offices or need us to go to your location, do not hesitate to contact us.