Car computer re-flash

Reprogram Your Car Key Through Computer Re-flash.

I have been experiencing problems with my car lately. Whenever I change the brake pads, the ones on the hind wheels tend to wear out faster compared to the front wheels. As if that was not enough, I had to keep my jumper cables close by because the battery in my car was draining very fast. I even thought of buying a new battery but decided to consult with my automotive locksmith first. At Buffalo Mobile Locksmith, I got there at about 10 am, with a list of everything that was wrong with my car. After checking the car’s computer and engine, the locksmith told me that changing the brake pads and the battery would be futile. On further consultation, he suggested that I re-flash my car. That was the first time I heard about it, and I had to ask more about it.

He had the following to say about the car computer re-flashing service:

What is a car computer re-flash?

Car computer re-flash in Buffalo
Skilled mechanic using a laptop computer to check a car engine

In the modern automotive industry, computers have become a massive part of the process. The CPU installed the car focuses on monitoring the engine performance. Therefore, whenever there is an air-fuel mixture, ignition timing or transmission shift points, that is the wok of your car’s computer. Also, it regulates the idle speed. When you buy a new car, the programs are for the new engine. Therefore, the computer will monitor operations based on the specs of a new engine. However, after 10000 miles, your engine is no longer fresh. Consequently, you will need to find a solution to the problem at hand. Since all computer programs need to be updated once in a while, the same goes for your car. that is where the car computer re-flash comes in.

With the re-flash service, the programs in your car’s computers are upgraded to match the engine performance at the moment.

What do you need to successfully re-flash your car?

  • A computer
  • Internet connection
  • Pass-through cable and voltage supply
  • Oil consumption
  • Transmission issues

A computer

To successfully re-flash your car’s computer, you need a Windows-based computer with you. Also, you need the PC to have specific hardware, user settings, and an operating system requirement. To ensure you do not infect your car with viruses, ensure that the computer you are using on the vehicle is only for that purpose.

Internet connection

Next, you will need an internet connection to allow for communication between you and the car. The internet is vital if you are to re-flash the modules, upgrading them to better versions. Also, it is essential to note that the whole process of downloading the re-flash files and installing them on your car should be uninterrupted. Otherwise, you risk damaging the car’s modules.

Pass-thru cable and a voltage supply

Other than a pass-thru programmer, a cable used to interface the programmer to the car, you will also need a reliable voltage supply. this is because some of these processes take up to an hour to complete. When the voltage drops below the set limit, you could destroy your modules. Do not use the old battery charger as they could fail you. Use the specified chargers for the re-flashing process to deliver the desired voltage and amperes to your car.

Some of the problems you can quickly resolve with a computer re-flash

Uneven wearing of brakes

If your car has the rear brakes wearing out faster than the front ones, then you can consider re-flashing the ABS module. With the service, you can use the car computer re-flash to change the brake biasing in your car dynamically. Also, you can prevent nosedive and increase the life of the brake pads by electronically adjusting the bias on the brakes.

Oil consumption

Car computer re-flash
Engineer makes computer diagnostics of the car in auto service. Vehicle wiring inspection

If you find yourself adding oil to your engine more often than you used to, then maybe it is time you re-flashed your car’s computer. Any vehicle fitted with a cylinder deactivation can use this technique to lower the rate of oil consumption. With the updated computer program on your car, the valve timing changes, preventing the creating of excess vacuum during the combustion stroke that sucks in oil into the rings.

Transmission issues

Are you complaining about slipping, poor shift quality or a shift flare in your car? if that is the case, then you should try a re-flash for your vehicle. Rather than rebuilding the transmission, which uses more sensors and solenoids, you can re-flash your car for better performance. With a car computer re-flash from Buffalo Mobile Locksmith, you can solve both the shifting and wear issues at the same go.

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